Sri Jagajjanani Temple

The History Of Srijagajjanani Temple Nirmanam

Like all human beings, he realizes his birth for some reason and walks in his path of righteousness.

Punyamoorthy Sivanagapullayya is such an ordinary man. A person who has no idea why he is a human being. Going to Ahobilam in 1983 at the time of Bhavani Deeksha – a divinely driven mechanical machine – a group of the most glorious group of yogis in the upper Ahobilam handed over the image of Jagajjanani to Sivanagapullayya ” Our gurus used to say that it was in the Himalayas. It is the will of the mother to inspire this goddess to build a temple for you as soon as she sees you. Build a temple for sale. Will tie. All of you are victorious, ”he said. They did not look like Pullaiya recovering from the shock. That is the will. The superpower it caused. The photo is in Pullaiya’s hand.

Later, during the Pushkara period, Shivanagapullayya did not have the will to build the temple again. That is, in 1996, he bought land suitable for the construction of the Ammavari temple in the northeast of the town for lakhs. It was the youth army that inspired this idea. In 1988, Bhavani Deeksho formed a group called ‘Sri Durga Friends Unit’. The unit is accustomed to charitable activities, chalivendrams, financial assistance to the poor, and a variety of service activities in various disasters. Jagajjanani temple was built with the intention of building. Poonindi means superpowered.

Kanchi and Sringeri lords also received their best wishes for the collected place. The foundation stone was laid in January 1999 for 3 years. It is a strange, unbelievable fact that the Trisharanagasarpa took the idol of the Goddess one night after setting up a temporary worship hut at a height of 9.s. This extraordinary event took place in July 1999. Then the sculptors start talking and sculpting, sculpting, abyssal foundations, majestic sculptures, towering arches, sanctum sanctorum, stage, court pavilion plans, tower construction etc. Until.

Construction of Ammavari temple continues for years at a cost of lakhs of rupees – Amma devotee Shivanagapullayya and how his followers achieve –

That ‘s it!

Although it is a burden on the Sri Durga Friends unit to carry out the construction of the Paramatman temple from a paramatman perspective with various pleas, it is no wonder that this unique structure is being handled in a way that is understandable – with optional donations that do not succumb to myths. As the chakra for the rainbow and the chakra for the moonbeam awaits, so do the hearts of the temple builders for the theistic philanthropic spectacle.

However – except for the quest for the generous to come forward – perseverance that does not want to beg and begs.