Sri Jagajjanani Temple

The History of Sri Jagajjanani Mahatyam

Sakshat Gauri Devi is the ‘mother’ who is considered as the parrot in the Pranava cage called Omkaram, the cuckoo playing in the forest called Upanishads and the peacock dancing in the forest called Vedamulu. Gauri is the color of honor – that is, it shines with white color, so Gauri called the ancestor Gauri Aryarishipungavu. ‘White’ is a light signal. ‘Light-light-brightness’ are all synonyms for white enhancement. Thus – the primordial energy ‘Alarare’ energy with the beam of light that is unpredictable – that all Jagajjananiye Gauri!

Although Gauri later became known as ‘Shivasati’ as a synonym for ‘Parvati’, in fact, Gauri was the mother of all the worlds, all the worlds, all the demonic waters, ‘Jagajjanane’! This short story is a one-sided prophecy about Jagajjana, the Almighty Sachchidananda Murthy, Gnanabhakti Naivedyo Pahara Trimurti, the originator of the Trishakti Trigunadi trinity creation.